our process

The following information needs to be provided before we can start with our work:
  • Your name and your contact information.
  • The building type, e.g. two floored, bungalow etc.
  • The approximate area available in sq. ft.
  • The number of garages and whether they are to be attached or detached.
  • Is it going to be a walkout or a standard flat lot.
  • Any other thing to whom you want us to give special attention.

You can discuss or just send us these information or if you already have a plot plan you can only send us that.

Here at Kenzo Home Designs we spend as much time as possible listing to your ideas and the needs that you want your house to fulfill. This is so that once we are done creating a design for your house it is completely unique, elegant and perfectly matches your day to day routines. We make sure that your house contains all the key features you want it to have and appear just as you would like it to.

Kenzo Home Designs take immense importance to the municipal and national official’s requirements as it is a vital component while making a home design. Now a days these requirements have become very complex, e.g. FSR (i.e. floor space ratio), the height limitations, the building envelop and even the proposed use of the building. But there is no need to worry as we will be right beside you in every step. Kenzo Home Designs is make sure that you get through this with ease and that everything is well sorted out so that the construction process can start as soon as possible.

Now after all of the above steps are cleared we move into the designing phase. Here at Kenzo Home Designs we have highly experienced personnel and profession home designing software which can provide you detailed 3-Dimensonal layout of the house so that everything about the house is well defined in the home design created by us.

During the designing phase we will keep updating you on the design created up till then so that you can discuss your likes and dislikes on the different components of the design and we will make amendments likewise. The design cannot go forward till you are satisfied with the overall design. During the designing phase the building permit application is send forward and once it is accepted and the home designing process is complete the construction phase will start.