Kenzo Home Designs Services

Whether you are looking for blue print designs for your estate home, single family attached home, single family detached garage home or your next multi family project, or need to visualize your blue prints in 3D renderings, or even take it to the next level and do up a video rendering of your new house interior or exterior, Kenzo Home Designs Offer all these services and more!


- $0.70/sqft Finished floor area (above ground).
- $0.40/sqft Finished basement area (underground).
- $0.60/sqft Garage
Houses under 1200 sq. ft. (Please call for a quote).

- $0.60/sqft If you have the original house plan.
- $0.60/sqft If you do not have the original house plan and a visit to the site is required.
* $200 fees for visiting the site (if applicable)
* Basement prices based on area greater than 800 Sq. Ft.

- $0.60/sqft

- $0.70/FT² floor area.
- $0.40/FT² basement area (basement area).
* Prices based on area greater than 1800 Sq. Ft.

- Renovations and additions usually require a site visit and take measurements.
- we charge a minimal fee of $1.50/ftâ² for floor plan.

- Walkout basements $160. Flat rate
- Side entrance to the basement $160. Flat rate
- Curved staircase $160. Flat rate
- Non standard construction specifications $100-$500.
- Extra large deck or porch $100-$300.
- Site visit $200.

- calculation report (Performance path), Proposed report, Reference report, summery and Air / Vapour barrier details.


- Exterior
- Up to 4 views $400 (front).
- Up to 4 views $400 (rear).

- Interior
- Up to 4 views $400.


- Exterior
- Up to 4 views $100.

- Up to 2 views $200.

*prices are based on blue prints done with Kenzo Home Designs.

- $0.40/sqft.

- 3D Animation and video walk through (Please call for a quote).


- Up to 40 images.
- $1.00/sqft for houses 2500 sq. ft. and up.
- $1.20/sqft for houses 1500 to 2500 sq. ft.

*prices are based on blue prints done with Kenzo Home Designs.


Architectural Designs.

Residential Exterior Design.

Residential Interior Design.

Renovation and Additions design.

Commercial Interior Design.

3d rendering and video animation